Disability Care and Support in New Australia

As in many countries around the globe, New Zealand’s system for disability support is overwhelmingly male-dominated and white collar. “The disability system” is often inequitable, underfunded and diffuse. It also has weak links and ineffectiveness. This leaves those with disabilities with no choice but to rely solely on the welfare state. It is essential that disability rights include a broadening of employment opportunities and better access for those with disabilities. This paper identifies three areas where policy could be improved to make support and protection more accessible: the role and support provided by the government, private companies and agencies, and third-party support.

Disability Care and Support in New Australia

In the last year, the current government introduced legislation that would, if it is passed, change the role and responsibilities of the Disability Discrimination Act for employment decisions. Part of this legislation provides people with disabilities better protection and more employment opportunities. This includes the creation of the NDIS Bayswater, (NDI), as well as the registered ndis provider of additional features to the National Health Act. The Select Committee on Disability and Birth Injury analyzed the pros and disadvantages of these measures in the inquiry report. Some recommendations were welcomed, including the introduction of a Register of Disability Accidents and the adoption of a Code of Professional Practice relating to disability. The committee dismissed concerns over the potential impact of the Disability Discrimination Act on disabled people’s rights to compensation for illnesses and accidents.

Disability Care and Support in New Australia

The Select Committee also recommended that a Registered Disability Savings Scheme be established. This would combine the existing Disability Benefits Office system (DBO), with the existing Social Protection scheme. The National Disability Reform Act (NDRA), as it is currently written, would make the Register of Disability Accident and Illness a statutory document that would create a national registry of disability carers who can provide assistance and support in the provision of care and care for people with disabilities. This would require three-quarters approval of the Social Security Council members, the opinion of Secretary of State and evidence that the scheme should be allowed to proceed.

The overview booklet provides key information about the reform package and can be downloaded from the Select Committee on Disability and Birth Injury’s site. This booklet gives an overview of the main issues and their possible impact on the industry, as well as the recommendations on how people can maximize the benefits of the proposals. The booklet goes into detail about the role of the Social Security and Disability Services (SDS & DS) in providing support and ensures that all people have a clear understanding of their entitlements and responsibilities.

The inquiry report addresses seven key points that were raised during the session. These included the introduction a National Disability Insurance scheme (NDIS), an improved Disability Insurance eligibility determination process, the need of more appropriate use of Clinical Assessments and Lab Tests, the need of a greater emphasis for long-term Care, the necessity for more consistent DSS Measures across the board and the impact of increased usage of automated systems and the need of a better use for data. It ended with suggestions on how to improve and suggested additional considerations. The summary booklet provides further information on how to find disability care services and outlines various topics such as housing and community assistance and appropriate uses for benefits.

The inquiry report recommends that a review of the current system by the Australian Government be brought about to determine whether any further changes are required. It demands that an independent report detailing the findings of the review be submitted within one month. It requests that interested parties submit submissions within six month to support or deny any changes to this system. It also requires submissions of suggestions for improvements to the system by July 20,21.

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